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"I’ve worked with Sarah-Nell for almost a year. These 11 months have been transformative in every way. While she continuously challenges me to be the best version of myself, We have FUN! My law practice has grown exponentially, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and I’m exercising regularly. All that while growing my law practice book 2.5X because we use process-driven metrics to create accountability and success. If you are looking for someone to challenge you to be your absolute best, you can’t do any better than Sarah-Nell! Absolutely phenomenal!"

Ivy Cadle, Attorney

Business Development Coaching

ashley gold

"Sarah-Nell is an inspiration. She was able to guide me through a career transition in the middle of a pandemic! Her personal journey, as well as her own experience in starting a new business, gave me insight and guidance on time management, networking and goal setting. I no longer feel like life is happening to me, but instead that I am determining how life happens. I am looking forward to our next opportunity to work together."

Ashley Gold

Leadership Coaching

katy van pelt

"Sarah-Nell is highly skilled at getting her clients to view situations from multiple angles. I worked with her while navigating a situation that pushed my limits, and she empowered me to confidently work through it. After six months with Sarah-Nell, I feel more confident than ever, have become more intentional, and have a much clearer view of my path forward. Plus, she’s fun to work with."

Katy Van Pelt


"Within 5 minutes of my initial discovery call with Sarah-Nell I knew she was the perfect leadership coach for me. Not only did I feel heard and understood, I also felt supported and nurtured during a very challenging time in my career and personal life. After our first session together I was prepared to make some really hard decisions that ultimately helped me triple the size of my team, increase my revenue, and start owning my success. I thought I was looking for someone to help me professionally but I found someone who looked at my whole person and provided the tools, resources and guidance to help me integrate my work life with my personal life as a wife and new mother. Looking back at the person I was when I hired her, it’s hard to imagine how I would have navigated the growth of my company with the ever-pressing “mom-guilt” I was experiencing. My office is no longer scattered across my dining room table, my family gets valuable mommy time, and my business is doing the best it’s ever done. I once thought I wasn’t “important enough” to hire a coach and now I can’t stress enough how important it is to have someone to remind me to love myself, my family, and my team. I could sing the praises of Sarah-Nell from the rooftop! Please don’t hesitate to message me for more details on how valuable her coaching has been for me and my career, love you Sarah-Nell!!"

Magen McRoberts


darice rose

"I enjoyed working with Sarah-Nell. She offered a true partnership in exploring my strengthens, investigating my aspirations, and actively developing strategies to navigate growth opportunities for today and a vision for the next steps in my career path. She uniquely approaches her coaching with the tenacity to create “value” for each person, but balances that “let’s get it done” mindset with authentic listening that prompts thoughtful introspection. This holistic approach creates a depth of ownership that will generate long-term benefits for me and the team I lead."

Darice Fichter Rose

sarah quezda

"Sarah-Nell's personable and professional leadership coaching style has had a significant positive impact on me as a leader, as well as the smooth functioning and growth of my business. She strategically coached me into more intentional leadership with my team and my clients and helped me create business systems to prepare us for scaling. This was my first experience hiring a coach and Sarah-Nell has made me a believer in the impact this kind of relationship can have on my business. Don't miss out!"

Sarah Quezada

jessica meeder

"Sarah-Nell provided significant and invaluable insight, guidance, and structure during one of the most important transitions (and times of growth!) of my legal career. She helped me identify thought patterns that weren't serving me, and in so many instances asked poignant questions that got us to the root of what I needed to discern and evaluate. Without her input, I would not feel as confident and clear-minded about my path as I am today. Thank you a million, Sarah-Nell!"

Jessica Meeder

david scott thompson

"I've been a workers' compensation solo practitioner for about six years now, and, although I feel I have doing pretty well for myself, I wanted to take my business to the next level. Wayfinders' leadership coaching provided many strategies and techniques for doing just that which I had never considered (or did not know about!), and most of which were at low or no cost. The meetings were low key, and she made it feel like we were just having a conversation despite the fact I was learning a lot at every session. In addition, she was open to either in person (prior to the virus) and/or in person meetings. While I am temporarily a 'former' client, I definitely plan to schedule more sessions with her after I have time to implement and evaluate many of the strategies and goals we discussed during our meetings. Well worth it!"

David Scott Thompson

Andrea Burnham

"Sarah-Nell is a consummate professional. Her experience, insight, leadership coaching and guidance helped me navigate not just a job change, but career transition, all during a pandemic! With her support and guidance I was able to define my career goals and develop a clear description of my ideal opportunity and organization. Her support was invaluable to my progress and success in landing my dream role.

If you are looking to take the next step in your career or to explore a new path, I could not recommend Sarah-Nell more highly to facilitate your journey."

Andrea Burnham

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 11.21.45 AM

"Sarah-Nell is the best life coach that money can buy! I worked with Sarah-Nell over the last quarter of 2019 as a way of building my prospective book of business and expanding my career. What I got in return was so much more. Not only did Sarah-Nell deftly navigate me through my "lawyerly" goals, she also taught me that being authentic is one of the most important qualities a lawyer has to possess regardless of your target. In addition, she provided me with a number of great tips on how to maintain your sanity while also improving your year-end numbers. Sarah-Nell is definitely worth the investment of time and money!"

Colleen Jarrott

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